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Shelter Construction Services in Greensboro North Carolina offers the BEST customer support and uses only the best roofing materials from top manufacturers like GAF Shingles, Atlas Roofing, GAF Commercial Roofs, Durolast Commercial Roofs.

Below you will discover our areas of expertise and how we can provide solutions to meet your residential and commercial roofing needs in Greensboro North Carolina:  

  • Roof Storm Damages -Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Storm damages occur more often than you may think in our region.  Hail Storms, Wind Storms, Tornados, happen more often now in Greensboro.  Having an experienced Roofing Contractor working for you is imperative to making sure that you obtain the best settlement for your claim. 

\Often Insurance companies may miss items and an inexperienced contractor may not work to get the materials or compensation required for the work that was done on your behalf. 

Insurance claims can be tricky but Shelter Construction Services is trained in working through the claims process and to help you get the best roof replacement in your time of need. 

Ask our clients that have hired us and they will tell you how much they appreciated our professional help with dealing with a roof claim.  

  • Roof Installation  – Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Roofs in Greensboro typically need to be replaced every 22 years.  Each year the cost of a roof increases because of Materials & Labor cost.  Because of this, folks tend to hire cheaper labor and put on cheaper materials to protect their most valuable investment; Your Home. 

As we often find out, cheaper is not always the best.  It often leads to more expensive repairs or replacements.  Shelter Construction Services offers the best installation for your investment that will give you the longest lasting watertight roof in the area.

Our Crews are Trained in the Classroom and in the Field with a constant evolution of ongoing training you can have the peace of mind that we will deliver the BEST in Service and Solutions.

By offering GAF Shingles with their industry leading Roof Warranty that includes Materials and Labor coverage.  Atlas Roof Systems outstanding industry leading Algae Resistant 3M Scotchguard Shingles, Standing Seam Metal Roofs, Slate Roofs, and Flat Roofs, Shelter Construction Services has a Solution for your needs.  

  • Roof replacement – Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Prior to a replacement you can call us for a professional roof evaluation by one of our  roofing companies near me in Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina. 

Our goal is to evaluate, provide solutions, and execute a game plan that meets your budget and needs.  If you are selling your home we provide additional inspections for roofs in addition to your home inspection. 

If you are buying a home and need verification we can work independently to inspect and report on the roof condition.  Roofs are a major part of every real estate translation in Greensboro. 

Many local Realtors in Greensboro trust Shelter Construction Services and recognize us as best roofing Greensboro, NC company to provide them with insight on the condition and expectation from the Roof on the Home’s that they are selling.  We will provide the same consultation for you as well.

  • Roof Repairs -Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

There is nothing worse than enjoying your favorite show in the living room and noticing staining on your ceiling.  At Shelter Construction Services is a Greensboro roofing company specializing in investigating and resolving roof leaks in Greensboro. 

Often it is something simple but, in the likelihood that it becomes more complicated we will discuss exactly what is going on and what solutions need to be done.  Repairs can be costly however we provide a 3 year repair guarantee on all of our repairs. 

We want you to have the peace of mind that your home in Greensboro has been fixed by the best roofing contractor in the Greensboro area.  Shelter Construction Services is a Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina. 

  • Roof Inspection -Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Residential Roofs in Greensboro we recommend a yearly inspection of your Asphalt Roofs, Metal Roofs, and especially Flat Roofs.  Drains clog routinely and should be inspected every 3 months on Flat Roofs.  We offer Free Roof Inspections in Greensboro and the surrounding area.

Shelter Construction Services also provides Commercial Roof inspections.  We are Licensed to work on Residential and Commercial Roofs.  Call us today at (434) 724-8160 for your inspection today.

  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

 Shelter Construction Services is a GAF Master Elite Certified Asphalt Roofing Contractor.  We are vetted and authorized to provide GAF Gold Pledge, Silver Pledge, & Weather Stopper Warranties.  GAF Gold Pledge Warranties are industry leading in providing Unlimited Wind Coverage for 15 Years, 25 Years Algae Resistant Shingles, and 25 Years Misapplication (Bad installation) Coverage! 

No other Shingle Manufacture touches this warranty.  Installed by Factory Trained Installers Shelter Construction Services is proud to provide you with the absolute Best Warranty for your needs.  Shelter Construction Services is the only Atlas Roofing Gold Pro + Select Contractor in the Greensboro region. 

We can provide the best Atlas roof warranty that gives you the industries leading Algae Resistance for the life of the shingles.  Level 4 impact resistant shingles by Atlas as well. 

Our consultants can show you the difference between the different shingle manufacturers and what would be the best solution for your situation.  Simply put, we provide you the best products for the Greensboro region.

  • Metal Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

 Metal Roofs are some of the best long term systems in the world.  Many roofs in Greensboro North Carolina are historic and they have metal roofs on them.  There are restrictions in historic districts that require Metal Roofs to be installed back in place of any pre-existing metal roofs. 

Shelter Construction Services recommends Standing Seam Metal Roof systems in lieu of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs in the Greensboro area.  Please ask one of our Consultant Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina about the differences of the roof systems and how they can benefit you. 

Metal Roofs can increase the value of your house substantially.  Let Shelter Construction Services provide you with the best consultation when it comes to the different options available for metal roofs in Greensboro today.

 Residential Roofing Contractors Greensboro North Carolina Provides the following:

Asphalt Shingles roofs (3 Tab Shingles, Architectural 3 Dimensional Shingles, Designer Shingles)

Cedar Shake / Wood Shake Shingles 

Clay Tile Roofs

Slate Roofs

Metal Roofs

Copper Roofs

  • Residential Gutter Systems – Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

5” K Style Gutters, 6” K Style Gutters, Half Round Gutters, Box Gutters, Copper Gutter Systems, Downspouts.  Shelter Construction Services in Greensboro provides all types of Gutters, Downspouts, and Gutter Guard Systems. 

We provide premium Gutter Guards that keep maintenance down and gutters clean of debris for years to come. Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina can provide you with the best gutter guards in the industry.

Residential Gutters are intricate to the protection of both your Roof and your Foundation.  Our Gutter systems provides solutions that will help you to avoid costly Foundation Repairs in Greensboro.

We provide metal wrapping of eaves and rakes as well to protect your wood from weathering and rot.  

  • Commercial Roofing – Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

 Shelter Construction Services has installed Commercial Roof Systems in Greensboro on multiple buildings including Historic Apartments, Commercial Retail Roofs, Churches, small retail buildings and more. 

We are certified installing EPDM, TPO, and PVC and Commercial Metal Roof Systems.  We are a certified Durolast Contractor as well as a GAF Commercial Roof Contractor

We provide Hybrid Roof Solutions (Shingles transitioning to Flat Roofs) and have many in our portfolio for you to view.  Our experience with commercial roofs allows us to provide the most cost effective solution for your Commercial Roofing needs.

  • Commercial Gutters – Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Shelter Construction Services specializes in Commercial Gutters.  We can build custom Box Gutters, Collector Heads, Scuppers, and Downspouts for all of your Commercial needs.  Historic Gutter Systems to Modern style systems we can help you with your Commercial Gutter System.

  • Skylights – Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Shelter Construction Services provides Skylight Repair as well as Installation.  Skylights are notorious for leaks due to bad installation.  Our approach is to provide the best watertight seal and solution for you.  Enjoy the sun while we keep out the rain.  When you need Skylights, think of Shelter Construction Services in Greensboro for all of your Skylight needs. 

Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina
Roof Financing
  • Roof Financing -Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina

Roofs are not cheap, they are an investment that protects your most valuable possession;  your Family!  We are all in different financial situations.  Shelter Construction Services partnered with the industry’s best financial solutions to make a roof replacement affordable and manageable for you to meet any budget.

 Financing for Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina can take many different avenues and Shelter Construction Services has consultants that are trained to help you navigate paying for your Roof Replacement.

 Shelter Construction Services is your local Greensboro North Carolina solutions minded roofing contractor.  Class A licensed in Virginia we are Liability Insured, Workman’s Compensation Insured, Bonded for Commercial Applications Contractor. 

We are vetted by our Manufactures, Financing Companies, the State of Virginia Board of Contractors.  We maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as Google 5 Star Rated.  We strive for excellence in Customer Service. 

Call us today to join our Family serving your Family.  Sure you have amazing Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina options like skywalker roofing and triad roofing services, baker roofing company, crossover roofing and more.  We just want the opportunity to earn your business.

Experienced roofing contractors will help you find the right roofing system suited for your home or business. If you’re constantly spending money on repairs, it might be more financially savvy to invest in a roof replacement.

Not only does this save money on repair costs, it can also save money on energy costs by providing more efficient insulation. We’re qualified and skilled in the installation of the following roof types:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Slate
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • Cedar shake

If you have experienced damage to your roof by a weather related event please give us a call. We will help you with any Insurance Claim or Repairs that aligns with your schedule and budget.

Roof Contractor Greensboro North Carolina
Commercial Flat Roof Systems

Trouble-Free Roofing for Your Commercial Property

To better protect your commercial property, [company_name] provides thermal imaging with the ability to detect maintenance and performance-related issues.

Our skilled roofing contractors utilize this technology to diagnose and treat leaks before they become a major concern. It’s also used to locate other potential threats that can threaten the well-being of your structure.

We’re well-versed in a variety of commercial roofing systems including singly-ply and flat roofs.

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[company_name] is a company recognized for our decades of experience, attention to detail, specialized roofing systems and friendly customer service. Whatever your roofing needs, our professionals will handle them with the utmost professionalism and care. Give us a call at [phone_number] or fill out our online form.