Hail Damage – What you need to know!

Did you just experience a Hail Storm?  Hail storms are very common across the United States.  Often leading to damage to Shingles and other Roofing Materials.  Hail Storms in Danville Virginia occur mostly during the summertime. 

Hail is frozen water droplets that supercool and they are recycled through updrafts in a storm until they become so heavy that they finally fall to the ground.  Hail is very erratic and causes damage to different areas of the house.  

What Hail Damage should you look for?  Soft metal dents and damages.  Often occurring on Air Conditioner Condensers, Gutters, Downspouts, tears in screens on your windows, siding with cracks and holes, lots of shingle granules on the ground and in gutters, dents in your car, or dents in any other metal items. 

Keep in mind, if you have experienced Hail Damage at your home there is a Statute of Limitations that you need to be aware of with your Homeowners Insurance.  Make sure that you are aware of your Underwriting Insurance Companies statute of limitations on claims.  Virginia Statutes is 2 years by most Insurance Carriers and 5 years max by the State to file


Contractors that are storm chasers verify their Licensing in the State that you live.  Verify their reputability and make sure that they are vetted.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Also, beware of contractors that manufacture “hail damage”.  This is 100% Insurance Fraud and they can be brought up on felony charges. 

You as the homeowner are responsible for your Deductible (the amount you agreed with your underwriting insurance company to be personally responsible for during a claim).  You must pay your Contractor the deductible as required by law.

Hail Damage - What you need to know!

Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are fluid.  They are not always set in stone because there are many variables involved.  You need an educated Contractor who has experience writing Insurance Scopes of Work. 

This protects you from not getting the right adjustment payout for materials and labor owed on the job that could have been missed during the original Adjustment.  (This recently happened where over $4,000 in Materials & Labor was missed by the adjuster). 

It behooves you as the homeowner to take the time to compare apples to apples to make sure that you do not experience a lemon flavor during your roof claim.  

Areas impacted by Hail Damage in our region typically include Gretna Virginia, Danville Virginia, Chatham Virginia, Reidsville North Carolina, South Boston Virginia, Yanceyville North Carolina, Clarksville Virginia, Martinsville Virginia and the Northern Piedmont and foothills. 

Hail Contractors like Shelter Construction Services are educated in how to handle these types of claims.  Our Consultants will help you by writing the proper proposal to help you with your claim.  

Shelter Construction Services a Virginia Class A Roofing Contractor serving the Danville Virginia and surrounding region.  Shelter Construction Services also serves Smith Mountain Lake, Hyco Lake, Buggs Island, Kerr Reservoir, and surrounding lakes. 

We are known for our high quality and expert capabilities in resolving insurance claims in relation to Hail Damages.  It is important that you hire the right contractor that knows how to navigate the claims process. 

You could be leaving Thousands of Dollars on the table because of missed items.  Call us today to discuss your claim need and let us help you navigate the insurance claim process.


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Managing a Hail Damage Claim

We can show you how manageable hail damage repair costs can be reduced.  Hail Damage to shingles do occur and it is a strange phenomenon.  Repairing Hail Damage is what we specialize in.  Don’t let Hail Damage stop you.  There are is a statute of limitations in filing a hail damage claim.  

Insurance Claims – What you should know

The first thing you need to do is to reference your Homeowner’s policy.  This will have critical information like your Deductible and what you agreed that the insurance will and will not cover.  Often clients do not have enough coverage and during a hail claim this will be a critical moment if you need to replace your roof.

Insurance Policies

Insurance Policies is a contractual agreement between you and your insurer.  They underwrite your homeowners policy with the contractual language that you agree to.  Always ask as many questions as you can when consulting with an Insurance Agent.  

Insurance Process

When you file a claim.  An Insurance Adjuster will be assigned to you.  The Insurance Adjuster will review your policy.  They will assess the damages to your property.  Then they will write a Scope of Work.  This scope of work is critical as it tells you what the Insurance company is going to pay for and what they will not.  Often though there are many “left out” items that need discussed after the initial scope of work has been written.

Hiring a Storm Specialist Contractor

It requires more than just being a Roofer when a storm claim is filed. You need a Contractor that understands the Insurance process and to be able to help you get the maximum benefit of your claim that is owed to you. Call us today for a Consultation (434) 724-8160 we are here to help! We are here to help our clients with their Home Improvement projects.