We all have Home Improvement Frequently Asked Questions that need to be answered. Below we have created a list that hopefully will answer many of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do roofing repair contractors look for? We look for Missing or Damaged Shingles, Hail Damage, Granules in the gutter, algae, biologic growths, warped or damaged wood, and Ventilation issues. Call us for more information
Can you change the type of roof on a house? Yes, in most cases you can change the roof type. There are items of concern though for instance. If you take off a shingle roof and want to put on a Slate Roof. The roof rafters and decking may not be strong enough to hold the slate roof.
How much does a new roof increase home value? Typically the roof will increase the value of our home by 5-20% depending on what roof system that you have installed. Roofs have different longevities depending on what types of roofs that they are. Call us for more information.
Why do roofers charge so much? Roof installations are difficult. Long days, dealing with weather conditions, the risk involved with potential hazards, high cost of workman’s compensation, along with material cost and overhead cost to operate. Complicated roofs cost more than a standard walkable ranch home. Some roofs require that our guys use rappelling gear to install materials. This complicates the install and requires more time to install and thus costing more in labor.
What is the best month to replace a roof? Well there is no month that is the best. Roofing season is typically March through November when temperatures are the best to activate tar under the shingles. Metal Roofs, Slate, Shake, and Membrane roofs are not as affected by the temperatures.
What is the biggest problem roofers face? Accessibility to dispose of materials, accessibility to load materials, steepness of the roofs are all factors that roofers face when doing a renovation.
How can you trust a roofer? You must vet your contractor. Review their Licensing, Review their Insurance (Workman’s Compensation Coverage, Liability Coverage), review their portfolio. Above all else look at their reviews. You can also ask for references. What is your Contractors Credit Rating? Do they pay their Suppliers and bills on time.
Is it normal to pay a roofer half up front? Yes, it is one of the ways initial work is started. You can pay 50% upon Material Delivery and 50% at completion. However, you can always negotiate Payment terms. With Financing Options available you have this option to pay for your Home Improvement Contractors Services. Credit Cards, Checks, Cash, Financing ect.
What questions to ask when hiring a roofer? Ask where you should park your vehicle. Where the materials will be placed. How long will the contractor take to complete the job. What are the payment terms. What warranty do they offer if any. Any other concerns and questions feel free to ask. Research and vet the contractor. Check their licensing.
How much does a new roof cost? This varies based on the type of roof that you have. There are very simple walkable roofs and then there are roofs with alot of accessories and that require crews to literally rappel down the roof because of how steep they are. More than one story will create complications as well.
When should you replace a roof? An asphalt shingle roof typically last 20-25 years depending on how much weather exposure and wear and tear. Roof Systems like Slate Roofs only need repairs and that occurs upon discovery of a leak. Standing Seam Hidden Fastern Metal Roofs are the only true “lifetime” roof system. They only need to be painted every 30-40 years to maintain their water proof properties.
Should you replace gutters when replacing roof? It depends on if the gutters are pulling away from the facia of the house which is a sign of wood rot. This could also be affecting the eave edges as well. It is recommended but not required. We do highly recommend installing premium gutter guards though.
Does roof age affect appraisal? Yes, when a Shingle roof is nearing the end of its life it can affect how much a home’s value is. You will have to either replace the roof prior to listing or if you prefer split the roof cost at closing.
Why you should call a roofer before your insurance company? It is a good idea to have a professional contractor inspect the roof to see if there is in fact enough damage that would warranty filing an insurance claim. If your roof is repairable (few damaged shingles) you will need to explore the option of just paying for those few shingles. If a major storm event has occurred then have a contractor that can assess the damage before filing and upon recommendation you should file with your homeowners insurance.
Should I tell my insurance company I got a new roof? Absolutely! A Roofing Company needs to reach out to your Insurance Company and provide them with the necessary documentation that you do in fact have a new roof. This could reduce your premiums after notification.* (Subject to underwriting discretion)
Does homeowners insurance cover roof leaks from rain? No, they only cover items like Hail Storms, Tree Damage, and Wind Damages
Will my roof leak if some shingles blew off? It does increase the likelihood that you will have water leaks. If the underlayment fails to keep the water out then you will likely incur damage. Call us for Tarping Services if you have sustained Damages.
How do I choose a roofing service? As they say, the devil is in the details. Read the details about the Installation Company. Are they certified to install the roofing products that they are using. Do they have great reviews. Verify their licensing and insurances. Ask about the installation and details. Details are more critical than just looking at a price.
What type of roof lasts the longest? Slate, Metal, Shake, and Tile Roofs.
How long does it take to roof a house? Typical Ranch houses about 1 Day. If there are complications, bigger roofs, and more than one story it could take days or weeks to finish. Consulting with your roofer is critical to know exactly how long to expect.
Frequently Asked Questions – Roofing & Home Improvement
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions that homeowners and business owners that are common to Residential Roofing and Commercial/Industrial Roofing often pertain to the day to day issues that occur. We hope that this frequently asked questions section brings clarification to common frequently asked questions that you might have.


Please check out our reviews after you have read our frequently asked questions section. We hope that we can answer more most frequently asked questions with you in person. Call us today for a consultation.

If you have further Frequently Asked Questions about Roofing, Gutters, Guards, Siding call us at (434) 724-8160 for more information. We are here to help.

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Shelter Construction Services FAQ

Often Homeowners do not know when Storm Damage has occurred to their roofs. It is advisable that you have a Professional Contractor come out and inspect the roof prior to making a Homeowners Claim against your insurance. You may have not sustained enough damage and you do not want to file a claim pre-maturely.

We look for signs of hail damage, videos and photo evidence, along with soft metal damages. Hail can damage more than one plane of the roof. Wind damage can occur at any time during wind storms or normal storms


BEWARE – There are Contractors that will manufacture roof damage to try to simulate damage in order to have you file an insurance claim. This is 100% Insurance Fraud and is a felony. Make sure that you watch your contractor as they do an inspection. Ask questions. See if they are doing excessive pulling at shingles or trying to hit the roof.

If you notice shingles laying in your yard when you are mowing it’s a good sign that you need to have a roof evaluation completed. Call us at (434)-724-8160 to request an evaluation. We can help you determine your next steps and give you the advice that you need to move forward with repairs or replacement. We are here to help.

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We serve the Danville Virginia Region as a Home Improvement Roofing Contractor. As well as the Lake areas of Smith Mountain Lake Virginia, Hyco Lake in Semora North Carolina, Buggs Island in Clarksville Virginia, and Philpot Lake Virginia. We also serve the greater Lynchburg Virginia area as well.

Shelter Construction Services is a Factory Trained and Certified Roofing Contractor by two of the best Shingle Manufactures in the Industry. We are also certified to install Durolast Membranes, GAF TPO Membranes, and Firestone Membranes.